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There be Dragons Part 2: Hybrids, GM Bipeds and Altered Carbon

In Part two of There be Dragons, our journey into the Fortean world of Cryptozoology takes us into the realms of myth mixed with modern reality, ancient statues depicting modern sightings of hybrid mutations from across the world.

Captured footage of Grey’s, cattle mutilations, Mothman and much more and if you are wondering how they all fit together the environmental and biological clues are laid out in this episode for you to consider dating back to a time long before our history was written and maybe long before modern man set foot on terra firma.

Was this our home or did we evolve from previous inhabitants (not monkeys) If you thought you knew the history of our species, if you think you know where we are headed, you might want to take a moment to examine the evidence within this episode… Welcome to part two or three of “There Be Dragons”

March 25, 2020

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