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The Great Pyramid of Giza Pt 1 Built by Ectotherms: NEW 2020 clues…

The Great Pyramid of Giza…Built by Ectotherms

Hi and welcome to the first part in a series of episodes which I will be looking at the untold facts we can all still see in and around the Great Pyramid with obvious links to these same structures all over the world.

While we argue about the builders of one of the world’s most-visited ancient sites and while we continue to debate the origins and therefore the use of this magnificent legacy, we risk missing the obvious hidden in plain sight.

Many of us still make the mistake of seeing this site through tainted eyes and minds rooted in the education we have all received. For this episode, I am going to take the position of deleting everything I think I know about this site and imagine I have recently discovered it for the first time myself.

Without the fables of Egyptologists claiming the historical deeds to a property they have no idea came to be and yet quick enough to take credit for its existence…

So with those petty restrictions out of the way, since in reality, all they are, like much of our “knowledge” is a consensus among other members of clubs which are there to maintain their own legacy rather than explore history without bias.

So here we are on our first foray into the new unknown, if I have to be the one to reset the Historical BS by choosing to be the first to happen upon this grand gesture of ancient knowledge…so be it…

And this is where our journey begins…

See you on the other side…

March 25, 2020

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