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Pyramid Power, Science and Forgotten Facts: Capture your own Pyramid Vortex..in Jello!

I was asked to take a look at the “Similarities” across the world of these super-structures we call pyramids. As it turns out there were more connections than I could put into a single episode.

Pyramid power and science do not normally live together yet they have but the forgotten facts of this type of structure have been ignored by the mainstream and continue to frown on anyone who dares to question the established narrative.

The findings of scientists and the discovery of pyramid power because of the shape of the space created by any pyramid structure can and does have astounding effects on organic and inorganic materials.

From star alignments to charting the procession of the equinoxes through to the naturally occurring vortex energy found with all pyramidical structures, irrespective of slope angle and size.

Additionally, many of them have exceptionally high levels of Radon gas which is formed by the decomposition of equally high concentrations of uranium. This may not be unusual if it were not for the fact it occurs at many ancient sites and far exceeds the normal levels of naturally occurring uranium.

But one could argue and speculate about this all day long. What cannot be debated as heresy are the results from studies conducted outside of archaeology by qualified experts in their field and back by government funding…which seems not to have made it into mainstream minds.

March 25, 2020

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