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Spell Casting in a Modern World


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Spell Casting in a modern World is a breakthrough publication lifting the lid off harmful external spells or influences and taking back your life, your energy and your wonder of the world around you.
Modern spell-casting is a look into the world of hidden meanings and masked words. When people have been “Enchanted” a form of magic has been used. With today’s global media giants and instant communications the tools for the spell-caster in a modern world are endless.
No one has the right to change the fact you were born to live life to the full, explore what it really means to be human and to take back the control stolen from you in the first seven years of life.
No one has the power to keep you locked into a spell that does harm to you. This book reveals what others try to do and how you can break free of these modern spells and create a life your inner self will remember if you would only let it.
Think about the internal spells many of us cast upon our unsuspecting self every day. “I’m not good enough.” We all thought it, many have stated it and somewhere deep down inside us all is that spell echoing around when we least needs it…”I am not good enough”.



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