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This eBook contains the complete transcript of the hero’s of history episode in which you can experiment with water vortexes yourself and see if you can produce some sort of energy independence. In addition to the eBook I have the collected works and several likeminded experts contained within a 400 megabyte zip file.

The zip file that comes with this eBook contains around 15 full eBooks in pdf format of Viktor Schauberger and blueprints of many of his works for you to examine.

This information broken down into folders for you to look at your leisure. For website members you get all of this FREE for being members, so thank you for your support I hope you enjoy the colossal amount of information therein.

For website visitors all of this is only $6.50 and as I am sure you can appreciate would not even cover the cost of a single eBook contained within the zip file. Thank you for your support…enjoy.



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